Frequently Asked Questions:


How early is too early to drop off?

Weekday drop offs can occur as early as 4:30am, however, since I leave for work no later than 5:30am, it doesn’t leave your dog much time to acclimate to a new environment before being left alone in it.  If it is your dog's first visit with me, I definitely recommend dropping off after 10am so I can be home for the day with them. No Sunday drop offs or pick ups please.


Is my dog eligible for care in your home?

I open my home primarily to clients of daycare whose dogs know and me and can attend work with me, however, i occasionally bring dogs who do not attend daycare to my home as well if they meet the following specifications

  1. Fully potty trained

  2. They can be left alone in my home for several hours without damaging it

  3. They are up to date on all their vaccinations 

  4. They are friendly and gentle with other dogs, people, and children and have no history of injuring another dog or person.

How far ahead in advance should I book my dogs vacation to assure availability?

As soon as you are sure about your trip dates! There is no timing that will ensure I have availability, the further out you book, the greater the likelihood. However, I frequently have availability even at the last minute, so it never hurts to check.  I can also check others staffs availability for you. So even if I am not available, I can usually point you in the direction of someone who is! Since you will need a non-refundable 50% deposit to hold your reservation however, be sure about your dates before booking!


What will my dog need to pack?

I have plenty of bowls and beds and dog toys and treats at my place.  All your dog really needs is their leash and collar, food, and feeding instructions. However, if there is something you feel would make your dog more comfortable in my home please don’t hesitate to bring it.  Fair warning though, it will probably come home covered in husky hair from my ladies. 


What if I only want my dog in the secured fenced in area?

Although many dogs enjoy my lower property and it is relatively secure, it is not fully fenced.  It is however bordered by the river, dense vegetation, and a steep hill. Most dogs are comfortable and secure there.  However, if you would rather your dog not be off leash down there, I can give them access only to my fully fenced side yard or the lower property only on leash. Just let me know what makes sense for your pooch.


How late is too late to pick up?

Since my household gets up at 4am, we shoot for bedtime around 8pm.  If you cannot pick up your pup before that point I recommend having them stay another night and being picked up or dropped off the next day.  This is especially true if you are flying in as your flight may be delayed and cause additional stress and scrambling at the last minute to make arrangements. If you do plan for a late pick up, I highly recommend having a friend “on call” to pick up if you run into any emergencies.  There may be additional charges for drop off and pick up transfers from the house that must be rescheduled.