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Our Space

Our play space, is over 2000 square feet and was constructed specifically for dogs to play safely in. This includes 600 square feet of spacious outdoor play areas used to potty, sunbathe, and to enjoy the fresh air.

Play structures are available both inside and outside to jump on, run around, duck under, or tunnel through.  We also have collapsible fences we use to combine or divide the play environments as needed throughout the day, allowing us to better suit the needs of the dogs in attendance.

Dog Gone Happy is enjoyable in every season!  In the winter our heated floors keep everyone warm inside, while our outdoor heat lamp and assorted doggie sweaters keep everybody warm outside. The covered outdoor area keeps them dry in rain and shaded in the sun. We have a well-ventilated indoors with lots of fans as well as wading pools and misters outside to keep our furry clients cool in the summer.

DGH prides itself on our commitment to keeping the space a clean and healthy for your beloved pet. Extensive cleaning is done nightly with hospital-grade cleaners and disinfectants. These products have been carefully selected both for their environmental sustainability and to be harmless for the dogs when they return in the morning.

We are located between 12th and 13th street on Alberta St in NE Portland. Our location offers convenient access to 1-5, the Fremont Bridge, Martin Luther King Boulevard, and NE 33rd Ave.                 

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