Our Team

Send the right signals, get the right results. Our staff is well-trained and educated in dog related fields such as psychology, animal behavior, behavior modification, etc. We believe the best way to teach a dog is to properly train the person who will be teaching them. We are proud that our employee turnover is very low, and that our clients get to know the staff who care for you dogs. Some of our staff have been at DGH several years and have watched your dogs grow up! We strive for positive long-term relationships with both our dogs and clients.

A little about the two-legged creatures at DGH:

MJ (Megan Joy) Operations Manager and Scheduling Swami

For the past fifteen years MJ has managed Dog Gone Happy with a steady hand maintaining the quality of care and service DGH regulars have come to expect. After finishing her Bachelors in Psychology, MJ was looking for a summer job before attending graduate school and going on to primate training. She fell so in love with DGH that she decided to stay and continues her education with dogs. Even after all these years at DGH she still learns something new about animal behavior every day and does a lot more smiling and laughing than she would in a classroom. More and more MJ finds her job to be discerning what a dog wants and finding a safe way to give it to them.

MJ has has a northern mutt named Alpine who tries really hard at Agility, a barnyard cat Smaug who keeps her farm in Washougal rodent free, and a handful of newts who do nothing impressive but are very cute. In her off hours, she takes daycare dogs to her home on the river to as an alternative to traditional boarding. Email Dog Gone Happy to check dates or take a look at boarding services details. 

She reports "I am so grateful for the mutual love and respect that has developed between myself and our dogs. I am so blessed that so many wonderful people share their extraordinary dogs with me". MJ is Red Cross Canine First Aid certified.

Johnny 2 leg manager-Manager of all things staff

Johnathan is a Portand-raised artist with a passion for dog care! He's been working with pups of all shapes and sizes since his first dog walking job at 8 years old. After spending 5 years in different daycares, he's grateful to have landed on beautiful Alberta street with Dog Gone Happy, mere blocks from his childhood home.

Portia Top Dog Manager - Manager of All Things Dog

Portia has always been passionate about animal behavior and care. She began working with dogs when she was 12, volunteering at the Oregon Humane Society. There she was able to discover and incubate her interest in animal care, and later behavior. By lucky chance Dog Gone Happy happened to be looking for a new Top Dog at the same time that Portia was looking to begin her journey as a professional R+ dog trainer. What she likes most about our facilities is that she feels like she can really dedicate her time to the dogs individually, and help make daycare a truly enjoyable experience for all of the pups!

Tami Cleaning and Closing Chief

As far back as Tami can remember she has wanted to work with dogs. She took a winding path but did eventually arrive. One of her earliest childhood memories is hiding out in a dog house with a stray that her heart was set on keeping. She vowed to never come out unless her parents gave in. Unfortunately she lost that battle but has more than made up for it in later years with a number of successful rescues (four of which currently live with her.)

Tami has worked in a professional capacity with dogs for 12 years. Before arriving at Dog Gone Happy she worked at a shelter, a daycare, and also a training facility. All this experience has given her a solid grasp of dog body language and an ability to troubleshoot problem behaviors. She's currently preparing to become certified as a pet dog trainer.

When not playing with dogs Tami keeps busy with her other passion...playing and recording music.

You can listen at www.thetamishow.com

Tucker Dog Wrangler and Backup 

Working with us for close to three years now, Tucker is truly a part of the DGH family. Growing up in a doggy foster home most of his childhood, pups mean the world to him. If you asked he’d tell you how thankful he is for all of his pup’ friends and the relationships he has with each one. Loving and caring for animals has always been an important part of his life. Tucker is a great part of our furry family and we hope you love his upbeat positive vibes as much as we do.

Amy Social Media Ninja and Lunch Lady



Working at Dog Gone Happy is a little dream come true for Amy! She loved learning about animals as a kid and had a beautiful Akita named Oreo most of her life. She currently has two adorable pet frogs and hopes to have a dog again one day. Working with all of these wonderful dog friends makes her so happy! She aspires to give all of them the love and attention they deserve. She is our social media ninja and loves to take pictures of your beautiful pups and turn them into Instagram stars! She also does pet sitting, walking, and drop-ins as a side gig.


Amy has her Bachelor’s in Art Practices from Portland State University and absolutely loves to draw, especially cartoons! If you’ve been looking to have a portrait of your pup made, then she is the artist to go to!

Jamie Dog Wrangler

Jamie moved to Portland two years ago and have really grown to love dogs while he has been here. Even though he previously thought of himself as a cat guy, our canine friends have really grown on him, especially his own pup Sandwich! He loves working with dogs and meeting new furry faces and it gives him so much joy.

Fisher Dog Wrangler

Fisher’s enthusiasm for this job has brought a good energy to Dog Gone Happy!

Though this is her first job working directly with animals, her keen observation skills makes her quick to learn and makes sure every pooch gets their needs met. Shy dogs take a liking to her immediately and she loves learning about each pooch’s quirks and likes, making them as comfortable as possible.


She is currently taking animal behavioral classes and hopes to become a certified dog trainer in the coming years!


Outside of DGH, Fisher is an artist, works part time at a pizza place and she prefers mustard over ketchup

This former employee offers some pet sitting services! If you are a current or former client feel free to contact connect her directly through her page.


MON-FRI  7am-6pm


1215 NE Alberta Street

Portland, OR 97212