Our Team

Send the right signals, get the right results. Our staff is well-trained and educated in dog related fields such as psychology, animal behavior, behavior modification, etc. We believe the best way to teach a dog is to properly train the person who will be teaching them. We are proud that our employee turnover is very low, and that our clients get to know the staff who care for you dogs. Some of our staff have been at DGH several years and have watched your dogs grow up! We strive for positive long-term relationships with both our dogs and clients.

A little about the two-legged creatures at DGH:

MJ (Megan Joy) Morning Manager - She/Her

     For the past fifteen years MJ has managed Dog Gone Happy with a steady hand maintaining the quality of care and service DGH regulars have come to expect. After finishing her Bachelors in Psychology, MJ was looking for a summer job before attending graduate school and going on to primate training. She fell so in love with DGH that she decided to stay and continues her education with dogs. Even after all these years at DGH she still learns something new about animal behavior every day and does a lot more smiling and laughing than she would in a classroom. More and more MJ finds her job to be discerning what a dog wants and finding a safe way to give it to them.

     MJ has has a northern mutt named Alpine who tries really hard at Agility, a barnyard cat Smaug who keeps her farm in Washougal rodent free, and a handful of newts who do nothing impressive but are very cute. In her off hours, she takes daycare dogs to her home on the river to as an alternative to traditional boarding. Email Dog Gone Happy to check dates or take a look at boarding services details. 

     She reports "I am so grateful for the mutual love and respect that has developed between myself and our dogs. I am so blessed that so many wonderful people share their extraordinary dogs with me". MJ is Red Cross Canine First Aid certified.

Zoe Top Dog Manager - Manager of All Things Dog -She/Her

     After working professionally as a pet sitter, horse trainer, and dog walker for years, Zoe went on to continue her dog training education with Columbia Dog Training School at The Charlton Kennels. As a trainer's assistant she worked with many dogs of all different shapes and sizes. More recently she has started her own training company, Rascal Training, offering in-home training, walks, and board and train programs. 


     If you have any questions about Zoe’s training services contact her at rascaltraining@gmail.com or visit RascalTraining.com.

Haley Rover Receptionist and Evening Manager - She/Her

     Haley is a Portland native, born and raised. She is coming up on her five year anniversary of working here at DGH! To say the least her love of dogs of all shapes and sizes has been lifelong. Ever since she was a little girl she had the habit of fangirling over every dog she saw, asking the obvious question, “Can I pet your dog?!” 


     When she is not fawning over her dog friends, Haley loves the arts like theater and painting. She studied Acting for two years and graduated with the class of 2020 at Portland Actors Conservatory, something she has always dreamed of achieving. Haley is so pleased to be back full time here at DGH after being a full time student. Haley hopes to have it all now, working at DGH by day and pursuing theatre arts by post shift. 

     Haley also provides in-home pet sitting services! You can contact her with any questions you have about her services at haleynovasio@gmail.com.

Emily Dog Wrangler - She/Her

Emily was born and raised and has lived all over Portland. She moved to the Alberta neighborhood in the start of 2020 and is so excited to be working near by. She has a BS from PSU and hopes to continue her education to get a degree in sustainability. 

Emily has worked at a dog boarding facility the past three years, as well as a dog walker for Columbia Dog Training. She has her own pup, a Chihuahua/Schipperke named Grandpa who loves to go on hikes and camp in the woods. 


Emily is available for dog walks - if interested please email Emilyfrase98@gmail.com