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Our Way

Dog Gone Happy is a unique doggie daycare. Management staff is well-tenured and committed to creating a safe, clean, and happy environment for all our dogs.  Our staff training is rigorous, lasting weeks, and includes written exams covering aspects of animal behavior and management.


Trainees are scheduled at various times of the day so we can better teach our team to manage a variety of activities and situations. Positive reinforcement and redirection get voluntary behaviors from our pup-clients so they learn good doggie manners, resulting in a safe and fun atmosphere.


Once enrolled, pups attend the same day(s) every week and grow accustomed to that routine quickly. Many of our dogs have had both two-leg and four-leg friends at Dog Gone Happy for all their lives.

Staff levels moderate throughout the day; it doesn’t take a full crew to watch the pups nap! We maintain an 8:1 ratio of staff to pups at high activity times, and a 10:1 ratio during pick-up hours.


When you pick up your pup at the end of the day they will be tired, happy, and ready for dinner.

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