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Liability Waiver + Policies

I/We understand that dogs are animals with behaviors that cannot be predicted and that doggy daycare is with some risk to my dog, myself, members of my family, or any guests who may drop off or pick up my dog.  By signing this waiver, I/we have knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally agreed to assume such risk.


In exchange and consideration for the right for my dog to attend doggy daycare and to use the facilities of Mother Pupper LLC, I/we expressly waive, release, discharge and agree to indemnify (with counsel reasonable acceptable to Mother Pupper, LLC) and hold harmless Mother Pupper, LLC and its representatives, employees, and agents (collectively, the "Released Parties") from any and all claims and liabilities whatsoever arising from or related to my dog attending doggy daycare and/or the services provided by the Released Parties, whether arising from the statute, contract, tort or otherwise.  This waiver is absolute and unconditional and applies whether or not I/we have knowledge of any potential claims.  I/we acknowledge that Mother Pupper, LLC would have required a significantly higher price for daycare if I/we declined to provide the foregoing release and waiver.

As indicated by my/our digital signature,  I/we certify and acknowledge that I/we have (i) read and understand this waiver and release; (ii) intentionally and voluntarily signed this waiver and release and agreed to its terms: (iii) had an opportunity to seek and consult with counsel regarding this waiver and release; and (iv) read, understand and agreed to abide by the rules set forth in Rules and Regulations agreement.

We do our best to protect your dog from exposure to disease, by daily disinfecting all water bowls, toys, crates, and contact areas in the playrooms, which include the floor, play structures, walls, and outdoor area.  We work very hard to maintain a safe, healthy, clean and fun environment for everyone. To ensure the safety of your dog, other dogs, our guests and passers-by, and to maintain our business standing in this neighborhood, we require you comply with the following. PLEASE CAREFULLY READ EACH OF THE FOLLOWING:

1. Late Fees & Hours

Daycare hours are 7:00 AM-6:00 PM. Drop off time is between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM. No dogs will be accepted after 9:00 AM. Pick up begins at 5:00 PM and there are no pick ups before then unless previously arranged.  The doors are locked between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. A late fee of $15 plus $1/minute will be applied after 6:15PM.


2. Inclement Weather

We are closed for weather when the Portland Public School system announces weather cancelations.  If there are any questions about being open or not on your regularly scheduled day, check Portland Public School closures.  If they announce a 2 hours delay, we will be open.  If they show as closed before 6:50 AM we will be closed.  If they have not made any decision by 6:50 AM, we will be open.


3. Cancellations & No-Shows

Reservation cancellations must be made by scheduling software 24 hours in advance of reservation. No-shows or late cancellations will be charged for a full day.


4. Leash & Collar etc.

Dogs must arrive and leave on leash.  To prevent dog's mouths from getting caught in collars or other accessories while playing, all collars and accessories are removed at drop off time. If you wish to keep an articles that is important to your pets healthy, such as a sweater when it is cold, on your pup then inform the attendant at drop off.  We do our best to prevent dogs from damaging worn items in play, however, there is always a risk for items work on the floor to return in worse condition.


5. Health

All dogs must be in good health, physically sound and adequately protected from diseases. Dogs that have been ill with a communicable disease within 30 days will require a veterinarian's approval before returning.


6. Flea & Tick Control

All dogs must be on a regular maintenance program.  If you suspect a flea outbreak, keep your dog home until they are free and clear of fleas and eggs. Please do not apply topical treatments within 48 hours of a daycare visit.


7. Barking

We are in a residential neighborhood.  Your dog will need to be kept quiet upon arriving and departing the daycare facility.


8. Refunds

No refunds can be issued.  Please purchase only what you are able to use.


I/we have read and understand theses Rules and Regulations and agree to abide by them. Failure to abide by these rules can result in your dog's expulsion from daycare

If subscribed to the VIP Subscription Service, cards on file will be charged once a month on the billing day.

Billing day is the last Sunday of each month.

Cards will be billed for the upcoming months visits. This amount will be variable.

The number of visits billed will be determined by how many days you are enrolled in and how many of each of those days occur in that given month.  If closure is scheduled, that day will not be charged.   

Cancelation of VIP (Very Important Pupper) Membership, must happen no less than 7 days before the billing day.

No refunds, no exceptions.

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