What’s in a Dog Gone Happy day?




       Get love from staff



Activities depending on the crowd and their mood:




       Lots of toys and

       Always supervised!



Dogs like routine - so does Dog Gone Happy! Pups come the same day each week, and between 9am-5pm, the doors are locked and they rule the space without disruption!  Pick up is between 5-6pm.  We can accommodate the occasional early pick-up but not late drop off. Check our rates here.


We are a daycare facility only.

We just do that one thing so we can do it very well!!

Once enrolled, many staff offer services outside of daycare.

Check out the team.

Our Manager MJ frequently takes daycare pups to her home

on the Washougal river to romp around with her dog, Alpine.

Check out the details!

Training and Puppy Socials with Rascal Training

Although training isn't offered through Dog Gone Happy, our trainer, Zoe of Rascal Training, offers a program right for most households. In September 2020 Rascal began offering a puppy social group for dogs 6 months and younger on Saturdays run out of the Dog Gone Happy building. 
Check out for more information!