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What’s in a Dog Gone Happy day?




       Get love from staff



Activities depending on the crowd and their mood:




       Lots of toys and

       Always supervised!



Dogs like routine - so does Dog Gone Happy! Pups come the same day each week, and between 9am-5pm, the doors are locked and they rule the space without disruption!  Pick up is between 5-6pm.  We can accommodate the occasional early pick-up but not late drop off. Sign up now.

Enrichment Group

Smaller group drop off socials for the dogs who need a little more one-on-one with a trainer.


Enrichment Group provides additional structure, and has an average dog to staff ratio of just 4-1 with a cap at 10 dogs. Dogs will participate in basic training games, treadmill work, confidence building activities, and have carefully monitored socials with the other pups in the group.


It is recommended to enroll in 4 sessions minimum for your pup to get the most out of their time with us. 

Saturdays: 8:30-1:30. $80/session.


Enrichment Group attendees cannot be aggressive towards people or other dogs.

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